Resources for Youth Leaders

Resources for Youth Leaders

Pandemic Resources for Youth and Faith Formation Leaders
     A curated list of ministry resources for Covid-19

Youth Ministry Leader Handbook
     A guide for youth ministry leaders and their congregations which includes
          forms, job description and compensation guidelines, safe conduct information, and much more.
               Word document files of the permission (and other) forms found in the Youth Ministry Handbook.

Hiring a Faith Formation and/or Youth Ministry Leader
     A guide for both local congregations and faith formation & youth ministry leaders

Covenant for Church Youth Ministries
     A covenant for both youth ministry leaders and the congregation's youth ministry programs


Assets & Relationships Resources from Search Institute

55 Ideas for Deepening One-to-One Relationships
Developmental Relationships Framework
Getting Relationships Right
Identifying Asset-Building Priorities
Relationships First: Creating Connections That Help Young People Thrive
What's Different About Asset-Building?


Bibles for Teens

The CEB Student Bible
The Learning Bible: Contemporary English Version

Blogs & Articles

Building Faith
A practical resource blog for Christian education. Type “youth ministry” into the Search box

Do You Know the 12, 12, 12 Rule?
It will guarantee a strong youth ministry in your church

Five Ways to Engage Families as Partners in Ministry
This will help you to maintain a strong youth ministry that will adapt to our constantly changing culture

Ministering to ADD Teens

Relationships First: Creating Connections That Help Young People Thrive

Twin Calamities: Declining Churches, Struggling Youth

When To Do Youth Sunday? EVERY Sunday

Why Your Youth Group Needs an Adult Sponsor Team



Exploding Stars, Dead Dinosaurs, and Zombies: Youth Ministry in the Age of Science
by Andrew Root

Root, a renowned expert on adolescent spirituality, shows how science overstates its claims on truth, while faith often understates its own claims. Both faith and science frame the experience and reality of teenagers, and both have something valuable to offer as adolescents develop.

The Godbearing Life: The Art of Soul-Tending for Youth Ministry
by Kenda Creasy Dean and Ron Foster

A youth ministry classic, recharting a course for youth through the classical spiritual disciplines of the church.

OMG: A Youth Ministry Handbook 
edited by Kenda Creasy Dean
Contributors include:  Kenda Creasy Dean, Mike Carotta, Roland Martinson, Rodger Nishioka, Don Richter, Dayle Gillespie Rounds, and Amy Scott Vaughn

Sticky Faith
A series of books and resources by Kara Powell and Chap Clark of the Fuller Youth Institute
“A ministry framework backed by practical and proven ideas to help develop long-term faith.”

Sustainable Youth Ministry: Why most youth ministry doesn't last and what your church can do about it
by Mark DeVries

From the founder of Youth Ministry Architects, DeVries shares the wisdom and knowledge offered by this coaching service.

Beyond the Screen: Youth Ministry for a Connected But Alone Generation
 by Andrew Zirschky

“Provides a deeper glimpse into the world of teens and social media and gives new direction and directives for ministering to Millennials.”

Right Click: Parenting Your Teenager in a Digital World 
by Art Bamford, Brad Griffin, & Kara Powell

“Practical answers to the most-often asked questions about how to handle social media.”




Curriculum Comparison Chart for Youth Formation


Devotional Resources

     Daily devotionals for teens online
     Downtime: Helping Teenagers Pray by Mark Yaconelli


     Interfaith Youth Initiative 
     Kids4Peace Boston

Mission & Service Learning Opportunities
     Curated programs and resources for local and national trips


Safe Conduct Resources

     For the congregation
     Social media


Science & Faith Curriculum

     Science for Youth Ministry
          A free download that includes 4 sessions, student sheets, videos, & a leaders guide.
          A great supplement for your Confirmation program!


Sexuality Education

     Our Whole Lives (OWL)


Training for Youth Ministry Leaders

     Faith Formation Leadership (Certificate) Program for Youth Ministry & Faith Formation Leaders (SNEUCC)
     Center for Youth Ministry Training
     Convergence - Youth Ministry That Transforms Your Whole Church
     Practical Resources for Churches Webinars
     Princeton Forum on Youth Ministry
     Yale Youth Ministry Institute Summer Symposia



Bible Project - free, short, well-animated videos of Bible stories, as well as other Bible resources
Great Games for youth ministry



Convergence - Youth Ministry Course
A self-paced online course led by the Center for Progressive Renewal staff
Download Youth Ministry
     Youth-tested materials submitted by youth ministry leaders; some resources are available for free.
Fuller Youth Institute
     The home of “Sticky Faith,” research, books, and free resources to help churches form their teens in a faith that sticks
Ministry Architects - Youth Ministry
     A webpage of helpful tips. Visit their "Services" and "Resources" pages for more.
Practical Resources for Churches
     Free access to recorded webinars and "booklets" on youth and young adult ministry
Yale Youth Ministry Institute
     Free lectures, video recordings of Summer Symposium presenters, and other resources

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