Your Conference Staff

Your Conference Staff


The Conference staff is dedicated to carrying out the Conference's mission to Live the Love and Justice of Jesus.

Click the team or department name below to find out more about its members, the services they offer to you and your church, and their contact information.

If you are not able to find the right person to assist you, call 508-875-5233 and leave a message or send an email to with what you need;  your message will be forwarded to the correct person. 

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Senior Leadership Team

We steer the ship and ensure that the Southern New England Conference staff work to fulfill the Conference's Vision and Mission.

Area Conference Minister Team
We seek to  inspire and provoke local churches  and associations to discover how God is calling them to be the church in a new era.  We support local churches in times of transition, helping them to see beyond what is to what is possible through the leading of the Spirit. 

Communication Team
We are dedicated to encouraging and enabling effective communication among the various settings of the Conference, and in sharing the stories of how the Conference's mission is being lived out across our region and beyond.

Development Team
We are your go-to colleagues for most things having to do with stewardship, generosity, and fundraising. 

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Team
We work to advance our call to "live the love and justice of Jesus." Our efforts are manifested through partnership with the conference organization and its 26 associations, 615 congregations, 120,000 members, and the wider United Church of Christ. 

Faith Formation Team
We are committed to supporting clergy and local church practitioners in the work of making disciples by providing curated resources, quality educational programs, and opportunities for networking. 


Center for Transformational Leadership
We work to equip clergy and lay leaders, congregations and covenantal partners with resources, tools and support to create a new vision and do transformative ministry in the local church, local community and the world.

Outdoor Ministries
We offer warm hospitality to our churches, staff, visiting faith communities and to educational and non-profit organizations whose work aligns with the core values of the Southern New England Conference. 

Event Coordinator
The Event Coordinator is responsible for assisting in the development and coordination of the Conference’s large events that will serve to further the vison of the Conference. 

Business Office
The Business Office staff makes sure all contributions are properly recorded, gift restrictions are honored, budgets are tracked and bills get paid.  Direct inquiries to:

  • Yolanda Montano, Accounting Assistant for Connecticut and Rhode Island churches
    Email:      Phone: 860-761-7107
  • Marie Girasuolo, Accounting Assistant for Massachusetts churches
    Email:    Phone: 508-875-5233 ext 249
  • Debby Dionne, Business and Operations Manager
    Email:     Phone: 508-875-5233 ext 238



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