West Gloucester Trinitarian Congregational Church

West Gloucester Trinitarian Congregational Church

Photo Snapshot of 2020 at West Gloucester Trinitarian Congregational Church

Interview with Rev. Rona Tyndall

During 2020, our nation faced two pandemics—the health pandemic of COVID 19 and the pandemic of continuous Racial Injustice.  As you think about these two pandemics,  

How did they impact your mission and ministry activities? 

Our church, for the first time, has decided to go out on a limb and call me to ¾ time ministry.  In the summer of 2020, the church was involved in the Black Lives Matter movement by being involved in rallies.  We also applied one of of the Faith and Our Future grants.  We created an outdoor worship and education space for both services and anti-racism trainings. An indigenous speaker will come to speak and a speaker from the Cape Ann Slavery project will be coming to speak. 

Local musicians were coming in to provide the music for worship during COID.  This grew viewership tremendously, provided one person to become their Minister of Music .  We now have nine kids coming to church as a results of this new Music Ministry.   

New Ministry – Families. Of Faith – come together one a week.  Eat a meal.  Sunday evenings. 

How did your church continue to be engaged in innovative, creative and unfamiliar ways during the COVID-19 shutdown? 

We started to have monthly drives with Pastor Rona’s pickup truck; pet food drive, food drive, toiletries, etc.  We put this tiny church on the map by engaging in the community. 

What were the low points, failures, or frustrations? 

It was really hard to do pastoral care throughout the pandemic.  Technology was a huge struggle because the church was tiny and no one had the skills to do it.  Fundraising had to take on a different shape. No bean suppers, etc. 

What were the high points and successes?  

Throwing out the boring music and getting someone fabulous.  Getting outside and meeting the neighbors.  Being creative.  No one can ever say “we’ve never done it this way before,” or “we’ve always done it this way.”  They had to be brave and they. Were.  They had no choice. 

What lessons, learnings or changes will your congregation carry into the future?  

The pandemic has shown us that the church has a lot to offer the community.  Before the pandemic, all we did was eat and worship.  Now, we engage with the community in so many different ways. 

Video Interview with Rev. Rona Tyndall

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