God Talks with Rev. Goodwin featuring ACM Alex Shea Will

God Talks with Rev. Goodwin featuring ACM Alex Shea Will


Meet Rev. Alexander Shea Will:
Area Conference Minister for the Northeast Region
Northeast and Metropolitan Boston Associations
Email: sheawilla@sneucc.org

Rev. Shea Will accompanies clergy, congregations, and committees as they live the love and justice of Jesus in ways that honor their unique contexts and gifts. In this work he is guided by relationship building, traditioned innovation, and covenantal wisdom. Contact him regarding:

  • Pastoral Transitions
  • The Search and Call Process
  • The Discernment and Formation process
Rev. Shea Will can usually be found looking for a ball – whether it’s for rugby, basketball, or soccer. He also has a love of espresso and is always up for a cup and conversation; so don’t hesitate to reach out.

Visit: https://www.sneucc.org/area-conference-minister-team

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