CCM Video: Phasing Forward Towards In-Person Worship: Part 2

CCM Video: Phasing Forward Towards In-Person Worship: Part 2


Phasing Forward towards In-Person Worship: Part 2
(View Part 1 here first)

On July 1 the Council of Conference Ministers offered the first in its series of adaptations to the Covid pandemic and this time of increased focus on anti racism. These webinars bring together clergy and lay leadership from churches around the country who bring a variety of approaches and creativity to these issues.

This first one looks at phasing forward towards a time when it will be possible to hold In Person worship in church buildings under safe conditions. One thing we know: the only certain way to ensure safety is a when we have a widely available and proven and tested vaccine. Until then everything involves a level of risk to those in our congregations and communities, particularly the most vulnerable among us. And we know that the most virulent conditions for the spread of Covid happen when people are inside, in close proximity over time. Services of worship in church sanctuaries are considered ideal conditions for superspreader events. Because the level and rate of infection spread changes across the country and over time you are encouraged to consult with your Conference staff for local guidelines. The stories in this webinar vary from those who are gathering already with safety protocols and modifications in place to those who have decided they will not hold in person worship for at least the next 18 months. These are not offered as expert advice, however their stories of how they came to these decisions may help you in your discernment.

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