Affirming Our Faith: Considerations as We Worship This Summer

Affirming Our Faith: Considerations as We Worship This Summer


The Rev. Darrell Goodwin speaks with members of the SNEUCC Health and Wellness Team Deborah Ringen and Kathleen Zagata about the health considerations for churches as they move back to in-person gatherings. 

In the video, Ringen explained that masks are still recommended at gatherings when vaccination status is mixed, and that churches should continue to post signs with screening questions and mask requirements. Churches should also continue infection control measures, such as  hand hygiene and maximum ventilation, she said. And churches should have a plan in place for when outdoor events are forced indoors, and include unvaccinated people and young children, who cannot yet be vaccinated.

Ringen said the CDC still believes that large events could be a source of significant COVID-19 outbreaks when universal masking is not in use, where many people remain unvaccinated, and when appropriate spacing cannot be maintained. 

For singing, Ringen reviewed a recommendation by the Center for Congregational Music that says singing will only be safe when a national vaccination threshold of 70 to 85 percent has been achieved, and The Hymn Society recommendation that there be at least 6 feet between singers and 16 feet between the singers and the audience, along with masking of singers.

More information is at the Coronavirus page.


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