Vacation Bible School Resources

Vacation Bible School Resources

Vacation Bible School can be a powerful tool for evangelism for your church: 

  • Be sure to select a program that mirrors the mission and theology of your church and community.
  • Look beyond a catchy theme to the way scripture is used and the messages, both explicitly and implicitly, the participants will receive.
  • No VBS curriculum will fit the needs of your church exactly. Be ready to adapt the curriculum materials to insure they reflect your church’s teaching and beliefs.


Click here for 2021 reviews of VBS curriculum materials

Everything you need to know about VBS:
         A focus issue on VBS from Episcopal Teacher

VBS Blogs from Building Faith


Free VBS Materials

UCC Files: R.E.A.D.Y. Preparing for the Journey
 from Global Ministries

Heifer Project Faith Lessons
     adaptable for VBS programs from Heifer Project


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