Thinking About Working For God

Thinking About Working For God

TAWG 2016 Participants
TAWFG 2016 Participants

Thinking About Working For God for a Living is a signature program of the Connecticut Conference, UCC that provides leadership opportunities for youth who wish to explore vocation.  We are excited to offer this programs to siblings in our Southern New England Conference congregations. 

Notice - Do you have a strong faith and a bright spirit?  Have you ever felt called to share God’s light?  Are you “on fire” after a week at Silver Lake, a Mission Trip, or National Youth Event?  Have you ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, thought about working for God? Pay attention to these promptings from God and connect with TAWFG.

Name - There are lots of gifts that can be used to change the world.  “Working for God” has a broad definition; we are not just talking about parish ministry.  If you have a passion for art, music, or writing, you can use those skills to inspire others and serve God.  If you care deeply about issues like the environment, race relations, or poverty, you can use your voice to advocate for justice.  If you have compassionate heart, you can offer radical hospitality and words of healing to soothe broken souls.

Nurture -  Our Discipleship Team is dedicated to helping TAWFG youth explore vocation through a variety of events. There are many opportunities:  Silver Lake Conferences or employment, annual TAWFG 'SHINE' retreat, and the TAWFG Apprenticeships to name a few.  We also invite TAWFG youth to take leadership roles in events like UCC Synod, National Youth Event,  Annual Meeting, and the Youth Revival.  Contact Debby Kirk, Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministries for more information.


Applications are now being accepted for Spring 2020 -  Deadline is March 1, 2020.
Program Description - printable page



Stay tuned for information about the fall 2020 retreat
SHINE retreat Medical form -  Print, sign, and bring this with you to the retreat
SHINE retreat Media release form - Print, sign, and bring this with you to the retreat
SHINE retreat Covenant - Print, sign, and bring this with you to the retreat
SHINE retreat Challenge Course Consent form - Print, sign, and bring this with you to the retreat


Looking for a space to dig into your theological education?  Try one of these immersion programs on a college or seminary campus.
Compass Program - Gordon College in Wenham, MA
Duke Youth Academy - Duke Divinity School in Durham, NC
Youth Theology Initiative - Candler School of Theology in Atlanta, GA


Debby Kirk
Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministries


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