Digital Ministry System Designs

Digital Ministry System Designs

Our design guides provide a framework for connecting audio and video components so that churches can build out livestreaming systems. These guides are intended for churches building their own systems as well as for those contracting with an A/V contractor. 

Not every worship space is the same, nor does every church have the same preexisting equipment or constraints of financial and human resources. These guides are meant to be suggestive and descriptive, but we recognize that digital ministry solutions will vary from place to place.  

Basic Livestreaming Designs

This initial design guide walks you through the basic components and configurations needed to livestream your church services online. This guide, can serve as a basis for discussion with pastors, church tech teams as well as audio/video contractors.   

Adding Lyrics, Responses and Readings to Your Livestream Using vMix

A key way to hold digital participants’ engagement during a service is to display readings, hymns and responses onscreen. While you can create graphics in Photoshop or PowerPoint for every element of text you would like to display, this creates a vast array of images that need to created and recreated when text contained in their images change week-by-week. This design guide illustrates step-by-step how to use just one title graphic combined with a vMix data source to easily display any amount text to any title image you may already use in real time. 

Sharing Video in Hybrid Worship

Many church choirs have not returned fully in-person. Also may who lead worship as lectors and liturgists do not feel comfortable returning to the sanctuary. This design guide walks through the process of enabling playback of high fidelity pre-recorded worship segments to to those in the sanctuary and those joining digitally.  

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