SNEUCC Summer Internship Program for Seminarian Formation

SNEUCC Summer Internship Program for Seminarian Formation

The Southern New England Conference is committed to the foundation of our current church and its future. To make a tangible investment we will be establishing a 3-month summer internship program beginning in 2022. This internship will support seminarians across the country who want to learn more about local church ministry, non-profit leadership, and conference life in Southern New England. Each intern will be assigned projects from one of our local churches, a local non-profit, and from  Conference staff so that they might have a well-rounded overview of potential ministry opportunities post their graduate study.

Our interns will have the opportunity to develop a deeper relationship with one of our local congregations, who will sponsor them with room, board, and a modest stipend, as well as explore the covenant of relationship between the church and local non-profits. Conference staff will provide additional spiritual reflection and formation as well as exposure to the various ways the Conference supports local church and association ministry.


How the Internship Program Works:

Churches wishing to host a seminarian will submit an internship description with desired projects to be completed to the Conference for approval. In addition, they must also select a local non-profit who will partner alongside them. The non-profit will also submit a list of proposed projects for the interns. Selected interns will be informed of the various opportunities available and asked to rank their top three choices for church and non-profit sites.

All host churches must be a church within the SNEUCC and in good standing. It is preferred that the internship supervisor be an authorized minister in the United Church of Christ.

Seminarians will be offered a minimum $3500 stipend. Arrangements for housing and meals will be made for the interns by the host church. Lengths of internships (as well as start and end dates) will vary, though the most common length will be 10 to 12 weeks beginning in early June. 


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