Resources for Children, Youth and Families

Resources for Children, Youth and Families

On March 19, Karen Ziel discussed Faith Formation resources during the weekly Bridge Conference Minister update. Her piece begins at about the 24 minute mark - watch here.

Children are impacted by moments like these.  Even if they aren’t watching the news they’re picking it up.  And they’re picking up the stress of their parents, teachers, family and classmates.  You can do a lot to reduce their stress and remove their fears.  You’ll find more guidance for children and teens during times of disaster and trauma at our Disaster Resource pages

Here you'll find a weekly listing of the Top 3 Resources we've discovered in each of 4 categories related to Faith Formation and Discipleship during a time of physical distancing for churches.  Each underlined heading is a link to a full page of all resources we've curated and will continue to curate during these times.


From the Discipleship Team Staff and SNE Staff

Faith Formation at Home 


Resources for Families and Households in Times of Stress 

At Home Activities for Children and Youth 


Tips for Faith Formation and Youth Leaders (including virtual and online ministry)

 Events and Learning Opportunities


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