(Post-)Pandemic Planning and Resources

(Post-)Pandemic Planning and Resources

Delta Variant Guidelines for Faith Formation Programs 
We are grateful for the August 26th webinar presented by Debbie Ringen, our SNEUCC Minister of Health & Wellness, and Dawne Quinn, Director of First Church Academy for Young Children at First Church of Christ Congregational in West Hartford (CT), on re-entry guidelines for faith formation programs. They shared guidelines for corporate worship and faith formation programming with infants and children, and ardently encouraged the wearing of masks by everyone present over three years of age in order to mitigate the spreading of the virus to the unvaccinated.

You may view a recording of this webinar here.
And you may download the presentation slides here.

CDC Toolkit for Childcare Programs
     Includes guidance & planning documents, videos, and downloadable posters

Alongside mask-wearing, other critical measures to take are:

  • Promote vaccination
  • Require masks for adults and children ages three and up
  • Promote hand-washing, provide hand sanitizer, and ensure the sanitation of your facility
  • Provide enhanced ventilation and air circulation
  • Create space between people
  • Do not allow the sharing of materials (hymnals, bulletins, art materials, worksheets, etc.)
  • Communicate your specific guidelines clearly through multiple media
  • Post reminder signs

In the Nursery (in addition to the above measures):

  • Require masks for caregivers
  • Avoid serving/sharing food
  • Remove all toys that have been in a child’s mouth for sanitizing later
  • No sharing of soft toys and blankets

Post-Pandemic - The Many Faces of Faith Formation

     A blog post by Debbie Gline Allen, SNEUCC Minister of Faith Formation
          Rather than asking what to do for Sunday School when we return to our church buildings, perhaps we should be
          asking, "What shall we do in light of what the pandemic has taught us about passing on the faith?"

Planning for Post-Pandemic Faith Formation

     A 9-step process in out-of-the-box thinking for congregations to undertake, with the end result of a customized
     congregational faith formation program that is adaptable for post-pandemic ministries.


Resource Recommendations for 21st Century Faith Formation Programming

Intergenerational Ministries and Programming
                    Birth, baptism, first Bible, confirmation, drivers license, marriage, retirement, death - all of these milestones,
                    both secular and church-based, can be honored and celebrated within the community of faith

Biblical Storytelling
Bible stories can be shared by all, with all, as your faith community learns The Story together
          Rituals, Sacraments, holidays, and Holy Days
                    Create rituals and celebrations that are regularly/annually engaged by all ages together
                    Building intentional relationships between the generations has positive faith-forming aspects for all ages

Faith Formation in the Home
Faithful Families by Traci Smith
Resources for families that don't add "one more thing to do" by incorporating faith-based conversations
                    into daily routines
                    A 5-step bedtime routine for families from Faith Inkubators
          Using Playlists
                    A delivery system for providing faith formation resources and content for your congregation's families
                    (and everyone else!)

Christian Practices
          Formation in Christian Practices from Lifelong Faith Associates
                    Guides and resources for designing formation in Christian practices
          NEW!   Follow Me: Biblical Practices for Faithful Living (intergenerational and age group options)
                    Curriculum materials from the Presbyterian Publishing Company
                    A thirty-six-unit curriculum based on practices Jesus did and taught us to do as faithful followers.


Navigating Faith Formation During  the COVID-19 Pandemic

Visit the SNEUCC COVID-19 webpage for the latest updates on resuming in-person ministries.

Questions to Address Before Resuming On-Site Faith Formation Programming
     Written for guidance in May 2020, most of this article is still pertinent for the Delta variant.

Guidance for Returning to In-Person Faith Formation
     Written for guidance in May 2020, most of this blog is still pertinent for the Delta variant.

Organizations with Forward-Thinking Webinars & Blogs
          Atlantic School of Theology Lunch and Learn Seminars
          Building Faith
          Ministry Architects
          Practical Resources for Churches
          Vibrant Faith



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