Phillis Wheatley Fund for Innovation

Phillis Wheatley Fund for Innovation

Phillis Wheatley, Poet Laureate of the American Revolution, was the first African American woman to publish poetry. Wheatley was baptized into and became a member of Old South Church in Boston in 1771, two years before she was manumitted (freed from slavery) by the Wheatley family.

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During my first few months as your Executive Conference Minister I have found myself reflecting on the many blessings we share. I am especially moved by the value that you and the members of the Southern New England Conference place on opportunities for innovation and change.

I am excited to share with you that it is in this spirit that we have created our newest fund: The Phillis Wheatley Fund for Innovation.  Aimed at sponsoring creative and innovative programs that help to further the missional imperative of the SNEUCC, that might otherwise not be possible with existing budgetary limitations, this year the Phillis Wheatley Fund will bring to life two new ministries:

  • SNEUCC Theologian-in-Virtual-Residence Program:  Our Theologians in Virtual Residence will join us in six teaching and prophetic moments throughout the course of the year, and at least one of these encounters will be in person. We will welcome Bishop Yvette Flunder and Rev. Dr. Diane Schmitz to the Southern New England family. Bishop Flunder will help us wrestle with the question, “What is radical inclusivity in a post-pandemic church” and Rev. Dr. Diane Schmitz will invite us to more fully explore the concept of 'whiteness’ and how it can be an impediment to our pursuit of mission and radical inclusivity. These two dynamic leaders will be potentially present with us in webinars, workshops, annual meeting, and our annual justice summit. 
  • SNEUCC Summer Internship Program for Seminarian Formation: The Southern New England conference is committed to the foundation of our current church and its future. To make a tangible investment we will be establishing a 3-month summer internship program beginning in 2022. This internship will support seminarians across the country who want to learn more about local church ministry, non-profit leadership, and conference life in Southern New England. Each intern will be assigned projects from one our local churches, a local non-profit, and conference staff so that they might have a well-rounded overview of potential ministry opportunities post their graduate study.

With your support, we will be able to continue to offer these opportunities well into the future!

Please join me making a gift today here or by sending your gift to:
SNEUCC, 1 Badger Road, Framingham, MA 01702 with the memo: Phillis Wheatley.
Thank you for your support!

In gratitude for your generosity and faithfulness,

Rev. Darrell L. Goodwin
Executive Conference Minister


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