Pentecost Worship 2021

Pentecost Worship 2021

United in Praise and Mission


At Pentecost, the Holy Spirit united the followers of Jesus in shared praise and mission. We hope that these worship resources will do the same for the churches of the Southern New England Conference. Come, Holy Spirit, come!"

Worship segments are pre-recorded.  Pastors may use the entire program, or simply pull segments that meet their needs.  The videos will remain available on the website and can be used at any time. 

The title of each segment is a link to the video on Vimeo.  While watching and/or streaming these videos, captioning is available by hitting the "CC" button and selecting "English" (except for the instrumental pieces).

There is also a "download" button below each video on Vimeo, so you can download in whichever resolution works for you.   

Read here for more information on how to provide captioning when downloading videos and streaming them.

Call to Worship and Welcome

Opening Hymn - O Spirit of the Living God

Prayer of Confession and Words of Assurance

Musical Response - On That Day

Retelling of the Pentecost Story

Time with Young Disciples

Scripture & Sermon by Rev. Darrell Goodwin

Prayers of the People & Lord's Prayer (in multiple languages)

Strengthen the Church Offering and Blessing of Gifts

Closing Hymn - Every Time I Feel the Spirit



Full Worship

 - this is the complete worship in one video (43 minutes) complete with open captions

Bulletin for Print (PDF) - includes lists of participants

About Captioning

We have used the service to make captioning available for these videos. If you are downloading the videos, and wish to have them captioned:

  • Windows media player:  When you click the download button in Vimeo, you can also choose to download the caption file. Once you've downloaded both, when you open the video in your video player, find the menu for captions and subtitles, choose the subtitle file you have downloaded and it will play automatically with the video. (In the default movie player in Windows 10, for example, the icon is on the left next to the volume icon.)
  • Quicktime: Apple: Open your video file in QuickTime. Download the QT file linked above.  Right-click and select “Open with QuickTime.” Copy the captions by pressing “Edit > Select All” then “Copy > Paste.” Head back to your QuickTime Video and make sure your video is set to start at the beginning. This will ensure your captions will sync with your video correctly. Click “Edit > Add to Movie.” Tap “Save.”
  • Uploading to Facebook: Download the Facebook caption file from above. You can then follow these instructions for uploading the caption file to Facebook with the video.
  • Uploading to YouTube:   When you click the download button in Vimeo, in addition to downloading  the video you can also choose to download the caption file. Then, after you upload the video to YouTube:  Click the blue EDIT VIDEO button underneath the video;  Click the Subtitles link in the left menu and then select your language (English) from the dropdown box if it appears (if you've already set your default language to English, you may not see this).   Click the blue Add link to open the subtitle creator.  Choose Upload a file and then select Subtitles file from the pop-up that appears. Choose your file and then click the blue Upload button. Click the blue Save changes button in the upper right.
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