You're Invited! Chronicle Your Church’s Resiliency

You're Invited! Chronicle Your Church’s Resiliency

Are you looking for a fresh, new inter-generational program this summer that will engage your youth and benefit your congregation? One that will make the concept of “resiliency” come alive? 
We invite you to proclaim your resiliency! Join us in this ground-breaking project, The Resiliency Time Capsule: Stories of Adaptation, Lessons for the Future. 
Let’s face it. Most of us simply want to forget 2020 ever happened. But, like any event that involves death and resurrection, it is important to record what happened and, more importantly, how we as the Church responded.  
On March 13, 2020, America entered a national emergency due to the 2019 outbreak COVID-19. Since then, the nation has been suffering under two deadly pandemics—COVID-19 and systemic racial injustice. Consequently, the universal church was thrust abruptly into wrestling with, “How to Be the Church” during a pandemic in a time of social unrest.  
How did your congregation respond and continue to be the church in innovative, creative and unfamiliar ways? 
Our purpose is to collect and preserve the history of the resiliency and transformation of our churches within the Southern New England Conference of the United Church of Christ during this period of pandemics. 
We invite your youth to contribute to the creation of this historic, ground-breaking project by sharing your congregation’s story 
How was your response to COVID-19, Racial Injustice, or both pandemics expressed through your: 
  • Worship service 
  • Mission outreach 
  • Community engagement 
  • Pastoral care 
  • Faith Formation and Christian Education programs 
  • Relationships and the congregation’s connection to each other as a church 
How was your congregation transformed and yet continued to be the church God called us to be?   
What will you carry into the future? 
Please email us at and we will forward more information and the easy 2-step participant guide.  
This could be the perfect inter-generational church-wide project that brings together your youth, historians and storytellers to chronicle this important chapter in your congregation’s history.   
We look forward to hearing your proclamation of resiliency! 
Bridget Johnson, Director, Center for Transformational Leadership of the SNEUCC   


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Bridget Johnson

Bridget Johnson is the Director of the Center for Transformational Leadership.  

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