Thanksgiving Message from Rev. Goodwin

Thanksgiving Message from Rev. Goodwin

In a video released for Thanksgiving, Executive Conference Minister the Rev. Darrell Goodwin offered thanks.

"Thank you for the opportunity to welcome me and my family to Southern New England, to walk alongside you in ministry. Thank you for all of the Sundays that I have been able to virtually - and now in person - walk with you in worship. Thank you for letting me serve among you, specifically our pastoral leaders as we have navigated a health pandemic, a racial pandemic, a political pandemic, everything that we have been holding, and you all have walked so faithfully to try to hold God's people together. Thank you to our lay leaders who have continued to try to figure out and navigate all of the changes that are continuously happening. Thank you to our Conference staff, who tirelessly work to serve each and every one of our over 600 churches, 1400 authorized ministers, and about 120,000 of God's faithful."

Rev. Goodwin also challenged anyone watching the video to join him in Thanksgiving.

"I ask you, I challenge you. I invite you to do something with me," he said. "Find just one person to just say, thank you. Maybe it's a text message that's long overdue. Maybe it's a phone call that's long overdue ... Maybe it's a person in the grocery store. Maybe it's someone you walk past on the street. Find someone and some way to say thank you," he said, adding that if everyone watching were to do that: "maybe in a world that can sometimes seem as dark as the outside is right now, we might bring just a little more light."

Watch below:

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