Synod Reflection: The Now

Synod Reflection: The Now

Young adult delegates and their shepherds
Submitted by The Rev. Michelle Hughes
Associate Conference Minister for Transitions

As staff assigned to supervise the Connecticut Conference Young Adult Delegates at General Synod 2017, I want to share this group statement composed by the young adults during our final debrief session.

They were asked to create a group statement that reflected their Synod experience which could be shared with the Conference. I am sure I can speak for their Synod Shepherds, Rev. Matt Emery and Board Member Persephone Hall, when I say we were so impressed by their hearts and vision for the church.  As part of this exercise, they were asked to select a name for themselves.  Their tag: “The Now.

Title: Synod Reflections
We are Young Adult Synod Delegates.
We come from: a place of hope; a place of love.
We come from unique backgrounds.
We come from dust and brokenness.  We come from fear and hope.
We are hungry.  We are leaders, nobody else.
Survivors, thrivers, teachers and learners.
We are human.
We are The NOW.
While at Synod we have been courageous, inspired, tested and blessed.
We have been hardworking, determined, and frustrated.
We have been fools.  We have been loved.
We have been “in the wheel barrow.
We will bring back to our church community: integrity, perspective, justice, peace, passion, knowledge, power and fierceness.
We will bring back stories of the Lakota people and all the stories that have inspired us.
We will trust God will provide the vision within us, and our faith to lead us into a bright future.
We trust our congregations to hear us.
We are not the future, we are the NOW.
THE NOW: Connected We Cut-IN-Justice
 (Andrew Bilger- UCC Newington, Xavier Bylden-UCC Bridgeport, Larkin Brown-Wilton Cong., Carly Chervernak-Mt. Carmel Hamden, Beatrice Dang-Bloomfield 1st, Tyra DeBoise-Dixwell New Haven, Catherine Gringras-Monroe UCC, Brittany LaFleur-Woodstock 1st, Haley Richards-Wrapping Community Church, and Ellie Strathdee-Greenwich 2nd.)
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