Stories from 2019 from CT, MA, and RI

Stories from 2019 from CT, MA, and RI

The year two thousand nineteen is over. The roman notation MMXIX has changed to simple MMXX for 2020. For the Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island Conferences of the United Church of Christ, now referred to as the "historic" conferences, the long- anticipated formation of the Southern New England Conference is here. And with it, it the new website.
All the stories we shared across the three conference websites can be viewed in the new site, including the 160 stories we shared in 2019. To view those stories, simply visit the website. The most recent stories are on the Southern New England Conference's home page, but more can be viewed at A convenient filter on the right side of the screen let's reader see stories relevant to topics of interest.
Choosing the "Together As One" filter will give readers a glance at the efforts made to form the new conference. Among others, these stories include the development of the Synod resolution to form a new conference, the Synod approval of the new Conference, and the decision to name the conference.
Selecting the Justice & Witness filter reveals stories of how churches and the conference responded to the issues of the world today. From the Conference's Bridge Ministers responding to the United Methodist Church's decision regarding same-sex marriage and gay clergy, to seeking solutions to the Opioid Crisis.
There are many other filters relevant to the work of various settings of the church. The Outdoor Ministries filter shows stories about Iron's Homestead in Rhode Island, Edwards House in Massachusetts, and Silver Lake Conference Center in Connecticut, including the story about Silver Lake's recent ACA accreditation. Choosing the Annual Meeting filter takes one to stories about both the historic and new conference's meetings, including an article on Valerie Kaur's keynote address at the November meeting of the Southern New England Conference.
Readers can find stories of church ministries and local news stories (using the filters "Spotlight" or "Local Buzz"), as well as stories about changes in the new conference staff and programming (using the filters "Conference Staff" and "Conference Programming").
As we begin the journey through 2020 as a new conference and share the stories of impact, inspiration, and leadership from churches and the wider conference, we hope you will find the new website useful. Please share your feedback or the stories from your church's ministries, celebrations, and programs by contacting Tiffany Vail at


Drew Page

Drew Page is the Media and Data Manager for the Southern New England Conference, and a member of the Conference's Communications Team. He writes and edits news, blogs, and devotionals, produces video, and spends a week each summer as a Dean at Silver...

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