More New Conference Positions Filled

More New Conference Positions Filled

The Bridge Conference Ministers, and retreat center managers, have announced a number of positions which have been filled on the newly configured Conference staff.

Three program support associates will work with the Area Conference Missioners, as follows:

Jill Ford will work in the South Central and South West areas, which include the Fairfield East, Fairfield West, Farmington Valley, Hartford, Hartford East, Litchfield South, Middlesex, Naugatuck, New Haven, New Haven East Consociation, New London and Tolland Associations.

“I’d love to bring my love of Creator, along with my optimism to the work of the NEW Southern New England Conference as a Program Support Associate for the Area Conference Missioners Team," Ford wrote in her cover letter.

She has worked as Program Associate & Registrar for the historic Connecticut Conference since July, 2017, working on search and call and providing support for boundary awareness training, fitness reviews, retired clergy assistance and various other programs.

Deb Holmes will work in the North Central and Northwest regions, which includes the Berkshire, Central MA Hampden, Hampshire, Franklin, Litchfield North and Windham Associations. 

"When I meet someone for the first time and they ask me what I do for work, I respond with 'I work for God,'" Holmes said in her cover letter.

She has worked as an administrative assistant since Sept. 2007 in the Central and Western regions of Massachusetts. In that role, she has worked on registering annual meetings and planning other events, as well as producing newsletters and managing daily phone and email communication. She also works as a bookkeeper for several organizations.
Lynn Varney will work in the Metropolitan Boston, Northeast and Southeast regions, which include Barnstable, the Metropolitan Boston, Northeast Association, Pilgrim and Old Colony Associations.

“In the almost ten years since marrying a minister, I have also come to realize that I want to work for a faith based organization that has the mission and values that I hold dear in my life," Varney said in her cover letter.

Varney has administrative experience in local municipal government and insurance and financial services, most recently as the Assistant to the Executive Director at the Newburyport Contributory Retirement System. 

Martha Goodman will serve as the Search and Call Associate for the new Conference, work that she has done for the historic Massachusetts Conference since 2013.

“In this period of integration, working with the Innovation, Best Matches, and Search & Call Database teams, my colleagues and I are re-visioning Search & Call practices to encourage the creation of strong covenant partnerships between churches and pastors,” she said in her letter.

Nancy Stubbs will continue to work for the conference as the Database Specialist, a role she has held with the historic Massachusetts Conference since 2015.

"Starting in 2021, the Southern New England Conference will be moving in a new direction, tasked with a new mission under new leadership. With my current experience, I am qualified to provide the support SNE staff and churches need to fulfill that mission," Stubbs wrote in her letter.

In addition, the following announcements were made related to retreat center staff:

Mike Forcier will continue as Kitchen Manager at Edwards House Retreat Center in Framingham, MA.

"The mission and the values of the Conference are of the same as I live my life, with integrity and in service to others," Forcier said in  his cover letter.

Jon Kirby will continue as Director of Outdoor Ministries for the Pilgrim Day Camp in Framingham MA a role he has held for 37 years. Jessica Kirby will continue as Administrator and Registrar for the Pilgrim Day Camp, a role she has held since 2006.



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