Zip06: Speaking Out for Positive Change: David Knapp

Zip06: Speaking Out for Positive Change: David Knapp

by Pam Johnson, ZIP06
In 1994, David Knapp stood up at Guilford (CT) First Congregational Church, United Church of Christ to share something many wouldn’t dare to say at the time: that he was a closeted, gay church member.

Last month, on Sunday, Feb. 6, with 8 colorful, poignant panels of the famed AIDS Memorial Quilt as a backdrop, David spoke to the congregation once again, during a celebration of First Congregational’s 25th anniversary as an open and affirming church for LGBTQ+ members.

David helped to initiate the church’s process toward the final confirmation vote made in 1997 among its 900 members to become open and affirming. Due to that vote, “for 25 years, UCC has provided a safe and supportive place for LGBTQ adults and youth,” says David.

David, now 95, first joined Guilford First Congregational Church, UCC in 1987, “and did not know one single member of the of the church who was LGBTQ,” he recounts.

Read the full article, and see photos, on Zip06.

Photo: First Congregational Church, UCC in Guilford (SNEUCC)

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