Series Supports Resilience, Well Being

Series Supports Resilience, Well Being

by Rev. Dr. Jessica McArdle and Deborah Ringen MSN, RN-BC Faith Community Nurse 
"The hardest about being a pastor today is NOT the long hours, the substantial and unrequited grief, issues on justice that demand our attention, eclectic responsibilities, and grave economic uncertainty; the far greater peril is what it means to be a pastor, now." [1]

As pastors, we are asked to be interpreters.   By our vocation, we are summoned to "speak God's name to God's people."  In turn and "like Moses and the Apostle Paul before them, God calls Christian leaders to lead by speaking new meaning into difficult and confusing situations."  [2] Thus, resiliency encompasses a perspective that lends strength. But not through merely wishing to stronger or be more resilient.   Nor does resiliency ignore the underlying circumstances facing a minister and the congregation they serve.    
Instead, resiliency is built upon a quality of engagement that reshapes our previous way of knowing.   It is a quality of learning that involves "a way of being" with others and the world.   But more importantly, this quality of engagement results in an increased capacity to deal with the contradictions, ambiguities, and uncertainties inherent in dealing with painfully difficult situations." [3] 
The Health and Wellness Team and the Disaster Resource and Response Team of the SNEUCC are thrilled to launch a webinar series beginning July 7, 2020, to support clergy, lay leadership, and faith community member health and wellbeing in this time of pandemic and racial injustice awareness. We feel it is important to provide resources to promote resiliency, prevent burnout, and to normalize the variety of feelings experienced by those who are called to support others in mind, body, and spirit.  Expert presenters will provide tools and experiences that can be used and shared in daily life settings. 

3 Good Things  July 7, 2020 3-4 pm  

Bryan Sexton, PhD Associate Professor, Director, Duke Center for Healthcare Safety & Quality  

Duke University Health System will present his webinar.

Deborah Ringen MSN, RN-BC Faith Community Nurse, Transitional Minister of Health & Wellness will present this webinar.

Tell Me About Your Losses.."  July 28th, 2020 3 –4-pm 

Rev. Dr. Martha Jacobs, BCC ret. will present this webinar.

Dates TBA in September Centering Prayer  

Terry Shaughnessy, Centering Prayer Retreat Leader and Spiritual Director will present two workshops on Centering Prayer including instruction and practice.  


[1] Craig Barnes, The Pastor as Minor Poet: Texts and Subtexts in the Ministerial Life, adapted (Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 2009) 
[2] Scott Cormode, Making Spiritual Sense: Christian Leaders as Spiritual Interpreters, (Nashville: Abingdon, 2006 
[3] Benjamin Bloom, “Bloom's Taxonomy of Learning Domains” (accessed November 2013); available from; Internet. 


Contact Information

Deborah Ringen


Jessica Anne McArdle

The Rev. Dr. Jessica McArdle is an Interim Minister, Writer & Researcher

Deborah Ringen

Deborah Ringen is Transitional Minister of Health and Wellness for the Southern New England Conference, UCC.

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