Responding to the R.I. Opioid Crisis with Hope and Healing Part 2

Responding to the R.I. Opioid Crisis with Hope and Healing Part 2

Second in a series from Peggy Matteson, UCC-RI Health Ministry Consultant
Open Your Doors
Addition is a treatable, chronic medical condition.  Churches can give voice to this medical fact, provide information about where treatment is available, and support individuals and their loved ones as they battle this disease.  
Finding a supportive community and building strong relationships are two essential elements that foster ongoing recovery.  Many of our churches host AA, NA and other support groups. These programs assist those with these substance use disorders and their families to feel less alone by connecting them to others.   
What can your church do?   
  • Advertise local meetings in your newsletter, calendars, and website.
  • Offer assistance with transportation to treatment services and/or recovery support programs
If your church is already hosting a support group or you are aware of one that is not listed please share the information and I will spread the word.  If at any time you have questions or need assistance seeking a resource please contact me by e-mail or if more urgent by text at 401-965-3272.

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