Responding to Hurricane Harvey

Responding to Hurricane Harvey

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A message from Associate Conference Minister Don Remick:

The news of Hurricane Harvey and the images of the destruction have been occupying our headlines.  Some churches have begun asking how they can help.  You can always find helpful information about disaster ministries at our webpage ( .

Disaster Resource & Response Team member Fred Meade has been deployed to Texas with the American Red Cross to provide disaster emotional spiritual care.

But our national UCC is already at work offering and planning for short and long term relief and recovery.  This email came to us from our National Disaster Ministries Staff person Zack Wolgemuth:

Dear Friends,

I’m sure that all of you have been watching the news the past several days as Hurricane Harvey continued to strengthen and eventually made landfall late last night as a Category 4 Hurricane. Harvey was the first Category 4 Hurricane to make landfall in the US since 2004 and the worst of Harvey’s destruction is yet to come in the form of flooding according to forecasters as it stalls over TX dropping upwards of 40 inches of rain. Harvey’s full impact is yet to be determined but history tells us that the need will extend beyond the capacity of local, state, federal government and that there will most definitely be a need for helping families recover after initial emergency response efforts have ceased. This is one of the main reasons the United Church of Christ continues to focus our efforts on recovery. We recognize that walking with families and communities is what we are called to do.
As we seek to live out our vision of “A just world for all” and our expression of how we do this through the 3 Great Loves (Love of Neighbor, Love of Children and Love of Creation), responding to those in need during a time of crisis/disaster is imperative. Please continue to pray for those along the Gulf Coast and let us also not grow weary or forget the countless others who continue to recover from disasters in the US or those in distant lands who have been impacted by landslides, floods, drought, etc.
We live in tumultuous times of uncertainty where hopelessness abounds and so as the United Church of Christ we have the honor, privilege and calling to be a beacon of hope by expressing our love of neighbor, child and nature therefore, I would like to offer up a few options for all of us to humbly respond.

Lastly, I would like to simply share my deep appreciation for each of you and the tireless service you do in the name of Christ and on behalf of the UCC. Your work continues to impact lives all over the world in countless communities where it had seemed that all hope was lost.

May God continue to bless you and your heart for service.
In Christ,
Zach Wolgemuth  
Executive, UCC Disaster Ministries


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