Responding to Hurricane Dorian

Responding to Hurricane Dorian


The following message from Rev. Don Remick, Transitional Interim Conference Minister in Massachusetts, was sent to clergy and churches on Sept. 5:

The images of the impact of Hurricane Dorian keep coming in.  This storm was a slow moving Category 5 storm as it crawled through the Bahamas leaving whole sections of communities leveled by wind and waves.  It continues its progress up the east coast bringing rain measured in feet, storm surges and wind damage in its path.  We are keeping an eye on the storm and the rescue and recovery efforts that are only now beginning to be underway. 

Your gifts to our denomination are already at work as initial aid and assessment are happening through our ministries and ministry partners.  Keep an eye on our national UCC Disaster Ministries webpage for updates on efforts and on ways you can help. 

As a reminder, when we are touched by the images we see, we want to help in as tangible a way as possible.  Often that help comes in ways that compound the problems as people arrive without coordination or invitation or people send items that are not needed into a disaster zone that is not prepared to receive, store or distribute them.  Disaster response is a coordinated effort between government, non-profit and faith based institutions.  They have built relationships and networks over the years that allow rescue and recovery to happen in as fluid and effective a way as the disaster allows to be possible.  And the best way to help is to send funds through the agencies and organizations you trust.  Your gifts to our national UCC Disaster Ministries can be used immediately.  And, because of your ongoing support of our denomination, 100% of your gift is sent where the need is greatest in coordination with all these partners. 

You can donate directly on the UCC website listed above.  Or send checks to your Conference office with a note in the memo line that the funds are for disaster relief. 

Don Remick


Don H. Remick

Don Remick is Bridge Conference Minister.

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