Racial Justice Trainings To Be Held Regionally

Racial Justice Trainings To Be Held Regionally

The Connecticut Conference is making a change in method of offering Racial Justice Training. Here, TJ Harper, the Associate for Racial Justice Ministries for the CT and Massachusetts Conference, explains this change and the need for continued efforts to unmask and eradicate racism.
The CTUCC has made a deep commitment to racial justice; and this upcoming racial justice training (RJT) is one silo of how people can get involved. The training will be held as a Regional, 8-hour event capable of hosting up to 40 participants. Eight hours may seem like a long time to attend a training; however, this one day means only contributing about 0.27% of one’s entire year to racial justice — less than one percent. At this critical time in our country when racial tension parallels an atmosphere of the 1960s, and as people of faith we cannot sit idly by and watch our neighbors in Christ continuously suffer. Racial Justice Training is a way to learn more about unmasking racism in our everyday lives and in the milieus in which we are located.
The Regional RJT model is something new, where we are opening the workshop up to community members and accepting a larger number of participants into the program. Moreover, we have added several small group and individual exercises that will definitely be helpful in terms of learning how others’ perspectives might be able to help you grow and think about things you have not thought about before; and maybe do things that you have not done before.
I am excited to serve as one of the facilitators for the first regional RJT this year. Our curriculum has been used at almost 100 congregations and organizations across the country (with the majority occurring in New England), and it is never too late to get onboard to become an advocate for racial justice. Take this opportunity to challenge yourself; to step outside of your comfort zone; and experience a training that will almost certainly inspire and educate you.

~ TJ Harper

The next scheduled Regional Racial Justice Training event will be held on July 14 at the First Congregational Church of Essex. Registration is open for the event. Space is limited so register soon.
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