November Environmental Ministry Calendar

November Environmental Ministry Calendar


Take the challenge to begin “greening” your congregation or step up to the next level.  Each of the four levels of the SNEUCC Green Congregation Challenge has many options so that you can choose the right path to match your circumstances. 
Discover ideas and resources to help your Green Team  EDUCATE, ORGANIZE, REDUCE/REUSE/RETHINK, CONNECT and ADVOCATE . Progress through the challenge from “getting started” to “creating a plan” to “taking action” to “expanding impact.”
People of faith can move the conversation and spark action to protect vulnerable communities and preserve a livable world for future generations.  For more information, check out the Challenge TODAY! 

Over 100 houses of worship in Massachusetts have solar panels. These installations demonstrate a wide variety different types of systems: from the typical rooftop panels to large parking canopies to community solar.
 Join MassIPL and our solar partner, Resonant Energy for a free webinar on Tuesday, November 16 at 4 PM to explore these examples, to learn what might be right for your house of worship, and understand financing options including grant funding, low-interest loans, or no-cost power purchase agreements.  This webinar will inspire you with examples to show that there is a clean energy option available that best aligns with your mission and priorities!
Register today!

Weather Reports: The Climate of Now
Terry Tempest Williams,
writer in residence at Harvard Divinity School  

Monday evenings now through Nov. 29 from 7- 8:30 PM. Upcoming conversations include:
November 1 (live streamed) 
The Climate of Consciousness
Michael Pollan,
author of This Is Your Mind on Plants
Pollan will discuss his recent books in his call for change, restoration, and resiliency to face the climate crisis. Zoom registration required.
November 8 
The Climate of Resistance
Chloe Aridjis
, award-winning novelist, Sea Monsters (2020) and organizer for Writers Rebel
Wanjira Mathai, Regional Director for Africa at the World Resources Institute
Both daughters of iconic conservation heroes they will discuss conservation as a generational stance and share what they are seeing, feeling, dreaming and doing as women leaders of their generation. Zoom registration required.
November 15 
The Climate of Attention
Elizabeth KolbertNew Yorker staff writer and author of Under a White Sky, “a book about people trying to solve problems caused by people trying to solve problems.” She discusses what “a good Anthropocene” might look like, from managing fish in the Midwest to geo-engineering the atmosphere to turn our blue sky white.  Zoom registration required.
November 22 
The Climate of the Future
Kim Stanley Robinson
, author of The Ministry for the Future (2020), science fiction that reads as hard-edged journalism. and creates a kaleidoscope of perspectives on a global climate collapse coming in 2025. Zoom registration required.
November 29
The Climate of Community
Brian Kirbis
, Theasophie, A Community Tea Ceremony
Tea Master Brian Kirbis, will close our gathering with a meditation for peace and conscious actions on behalf of this place we call home, Earth. Zoom registration required.
More about each week’s program and registration.

Are you passionate about intercessory prayer?
Do you believe that God cares for creation as much as you do?
Are you ready to pray the prayers commensurate to the climate crisis?
Are you willing to bring the best of your faith tradition to being a “climate intercessor”?

During the two weeks of COP26 (31 Oct ~ 12 Nov, 2021), sign up tp receive DAILY Prayer e-mails from Glasgow with the latest, most crucial information about how to pray for the COP26 negotiations "in the next 24 hours."  Visit or sign up here
You can also download a copy of Faiths for Climate Justice: multifaith prayers and statements for vigils and actions.

It’s time to “Build Back Better”
Interfaith Power & Light has created a script for calling members of Congress to let them know of your support for the Build Back Better Bill. It’s critical that every member of Congress hear from faith constituents supporting this Act and its climate provisions: 80% carbon-free electricity by 2030, big investments in wind, solar, and electric vehicles, and environmental justice provisions, like funding to remove every single lead water pipe across the country. Contact your Congress member today!
Also consider signing on to Interfaith Power and Light’s letter to be delivered to President Biden, calling him to commit the United States to do what is necessary to meet the 1.5°C target.

Read more about what is at stake in the upcoming climate summit 
Gain a deeper perspective of the staggering impact ahead in this new article in The Guardian, “The Climate Disaster is Here.” The online article contains interactive timeline charts showing the coming climate emergency in all sectors of our common lives.
You can also explore the depth of the challenge in new global interactive Coastal Climate Maps. Projections are shown for 1.5°C increase (light blue), representing dramatic climate action, and 3°C (pink), representing “moderate” climate action. We are currently on track for 3°C by the end of this century.

The Environmental Voter Project needs volunteers for Get Out the Vote calls in key states about to hold elections. These are non-partisan calls that target people known to care about environmental justice, but who don’t often vote. The call scripts encourage them to get out and vote their values, and they work! If you have some free time, sign up for a shift here

The UCC’s Council for Climate Justice has decided to devote focus and energy to supporting the work of Honor the Earth, an Indigenous organization led by Winona LaDuke that is currently engaged in a struggle against the Line 3 pipeline. Learn about five actions you and your congregation can take in solidarity with Honor the Earth in the struggle against pipeline.

Celebrating Old Growth
with Robin Wall Kimmerer Robert Macfarlane and David Haskell 
In August 2021, Orion Magazine released Old Growth, an anthology of essays and poems about the lives of trees. To celebrate the release of the book, Robin Wall Kimmerer held a public discussion with Robert Macfarlane and David Haskell. These authors brought a unique perspective on the legacy of trees in deep time, which they explore in their recent books Braiding Sweetgrass, Underland, and The Song of Trees, respectively. Together, they discussed the idea of the personhood of trees, root communities, and the ways in which humans might foster the growth of our canopy. Moderating the event was Mary Evelyn Tucker, co-author of Journey of the Universe. If you missed the online event Celebrating Old Growth, the recording is now available. 


Contact Sen. Markey, who serves on the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, to ask him to cosponsor the Recovering America’s Wildlife Act. For Massachusetts, this bill would result in $14 million/year. These funds would allow the wildlife agency and partners to help restore habitat, reintroduce species, survey what is in trouble, and help species survive these human-caused problems. Email Policy Advisor Hannah Vogel or sign the action alert.

Over 60 and eager to help solve climate change? 
Join, environmentalist Bill McKibben’s new initiative to harness the wisdom and resources of elders (people over 60) to ensure that we leave a fair, stable planet for future generations. The powerful Sunrise Movement is led by folks under 30. What if us folks over 60 got organized and began to have as big an impact?

Putting your garden to bed?
Here’s an article from Grow Native Massachusetts about the importance of leaf litter. Rather than burning fossil fuels to blow, bag, and transport leaves, consider leaving the leaves on the ground to support soil health and biodiversity.

To prepare for the climate summit, why not tap into some broader energy and gather a small group in person or with a follow-up discussion on zoom to share your responses to one or more of these videos?   
Christianity and Climate Change is a nine-part video series for small groups featuring Katharine Hayhoe, the internationally renowned climate scientist and Evangelical Christian. The videos are only six minutes long, leaving plenty of time for discussion: 
           • What the Bible says about the natural world, 
           • Climate change is a poverty issue, 
           • How to persuade others to care about climate change, 
           • What we can do as a church, 
           • Speaking to other Christians about climate change, 
           • Grateful for fossil fuels but time to move on, 
           • Climate change is a threat multiplier, 
           • There can be a better future, and 
           • It is not too late.
The Story of Plastic is an Emmy-nominated documentary that is available for free on YouTube from the Discovery Channel for a limited time. This must-see film tells the hidden story of plastic pollution, from production to incineration—as well as the incredible heroes who are rising up to stop big plastic.
Climate Crisis as Spiritual Path
This 20-minute interview with the brilliant, Buddhist eco-philosopher Joanna Macy addresses an essential question: How are we going to live our lives fully, with inner peace and courage (and even joy) as we confront a world that is destroying itself? Joanna Macy says, “The greatest gift we can give our world is our full presence.”

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The Rev. Victoria Alford Guest is a member of the SNEUCC Environmental Ministries Team and former pastor of the First Congregational Church in Natick, MA.

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