New Tech Deacon Roundtable Meetups Forming

New Tech Deacon Roundtable Meetups Forming

Thanks to Alex Shea Will and Tom Hathaway for the inspiration for the above pic.
With the rise of widespread broadband internet service, social media platforms, and affordable yet capable hardware, an assortment of creative digital ministries have been taking root in churches in the Southern New England Conference for quite some time. In 2020 however, the expansion of digital ministries went viral across the Conference due the coronavirus pandemic.  Churches across our conference have made earnest, and often quite effective, efforts to keep our communities of faith connected to each other and to the gospel of Jesus Christ even while the members and friends of the churches must stay apart.
In support of our churches’ growing digital presence,  individuals or small groups within the churches have stepped up to offer their knowledge and skills in the audio-visual and information technology fields.  We are calling these saints “tech deacons.” These individuals, along with other congregational leaders, together bring new life as agents of change in challenging times.
You and the tech deacons in your congregation are invited to join us for SNUECC-sponsored Tech Deacons Roundtable Discussions, facilitated by SNEUCC Digital Minister, Eric Elley.  During these gatherings we will provide an arena for churches to support one another by sharing ideas, bringing questions, and identifying new trends and opportunities in digital ministry.  In these meetups, we will recognize that there won't be one expression of digital ministry to fit all churches.  Yet now is the season for the sharing of ideas and experiences -- we all are endeavoring to figure out the coming season of digital ministry.
There will be two Tech Deacons Roundtable time slots from which to choose.  The morning slot is every other Tuesday at 11 AM, beginning December 29, 2020.  The evening slot is alternate Tuesdays at 7 PM, beginning December 22, 2020.
Please register for the morning or evening time slot by clicking on the corresponding link.
Morning Meetup Signup
Evening Meetup Signup 


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Eric M. Elley

Eric Elley provides consultant services to Conference churches that need assistance defining and creating a digital presence. Eric can: Recommend hardware and software solutions for digital ministry that fit within your church's budget and technical...

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