New Church Dashboard Launches

New Church Dashboard Launches

Churches in the Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island conferences are being asked to use a new communication tool: The Church Dashboard.

Local church leaders can log into the dashboard and update contact information for the churches and their staff and volunteer leaders. This enables conference staff to know who to contact with such items as bulletins for church treasurers, alerts about justice actions or announcements of upcoming training opportunities.

The dashboard is available as part of a recent project in which the databases of the three conferences have been combined into one new system, which is also linked with the conference websites. 

"As we move toward unifying into one, new conference, it is more important than ever that we have up-to-date contact information for the leaders in our churches," said Tiffany Vail, Associate Conference Minister for Communications for the three conferences. "We need to be able to get resources into the hands of the people who need them."

"Our research indicates that targeted communications to particular constituent groups will be more effective in our new conference than trying to communicate everything to everyone," she said. "This will help us to do that well."
For many years, churches were asked to fill out a "Form E" to indicate who the various officers and committee chairs were in the churches. The Church Dashboard replaces that form - and can be used any time there is a change in church leadership.

Information that can be entered into the Dashboard includes:
  • Church contact information, such as website and Facebook addresses, as well as information on church accessibility and the church's fiscal year;
  • Names and contact information for non-clergy church staff, such as music ministers and administrators;
  • Names and contact information for officers, such as moderators and treasurers; and committee or team leaders, such as deacons or Christian education chairs.
Whoever in the church has access to the CHURCH's EMAIL ADDRESS can access the dashboard by going to  and entering the church's email address. Login instructions will then be emailed to the church.

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