Office Serving Metropolitan Boston, Northeast Regions Moves to Winchester

Office Serving Metropolitan Boston, Northeast Regions Moves to Winchester

The Massachusetts Conference's Waltham office, serving the Metropolitan Boston and Northeast Association leaders, churches and clergy, has moved to Winchester as of Nov. 1.

The change will reduce the rent being paid for the office space from $20,000 a year to $3,600 a year.

"Contributions to the Conference from local churches are declining slowly but steadily over time, so the Board of Directors needs to be constantly attentive to opportunities to reduce costs without diminishing ministries with our churches and clergy," said Associate Conference Minister Wendy Vander Hart. "The end of the Waltham lease provides such an opportunity."

Wendy works out of the office with Administrative Assistant Colin Loggins.

Churches on the southern end of the Northeast Association and northern edge of the Metropolitan Boston Association were approached about available space at a modest rent.  The First Congregational Church in Winchester, UCC, responded with an offer of space. 

The office is in flux this week while moving, but the contact information is currently:

21 Church St., Winchester, MA 01890
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