MA and RI Conferences Sharing Search & Call Support

MA and RI Conferences Sharing Search & Call Support

The Massachusetts and Rhode Island conferences are now sharing administrative help for search and call, the process that helps to match clergy and churches.

Martha Goodman has been the search and call administrator for the Massachusetts Conference since January, 2013 and will now be carrying out the same function for the Rhode Island Conference.  Her work includes posting listings of open churches to the national UCC Employment Opportunities website; working with Conference staff and search committees in local churches as they develop their position listing as part of their Local Church Profile; being the point of contact to get Ministerial Profiles from interested candidates into the hands of the local church search team; and keeping the necessary records to maintain a history of candidates’ search activities within the Conference, as well as the search and call activities the local churches and Conference have done together. 

Rhode Island's Transitional Conference Minister, The Rev. Marilyn Kendrix, will work with search committees and candidates, and will now take part in monthly meetings with the Massachusetts Conference search and call team to review church openings and new Ministerial Profiles. 

“This change is part of our transition from a standalone Rhode Island Conference to one Conference with Connecticut and Massachusetts, and will provide Rhode Island with a robust search and call process that was not possible as a standalone conference,” Kendrix said

The Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut Conference Annual Meetings voted in June to unite to form a single, new Conference which will come into being on Jan. 1, 2020, pending approval by the national General Synod in 2019.

“We are delighted to be able to collaborate with Rhode Island in the search and call process," said the Rev. Don Remick, Transitional Interim Conference Minister in Massachusetts. "This is a continuation of close work that began when Barbara Libby served as the Interim Conference Minister in Rhode Island."

"This is one of the many wonderful ways that our three Conferences have an opportunity to collaborate and coordinate ministry together," Remick said.

Goodman said she is excited to take on this new task.
“It’s my privilege to serve Rhode Island in this vital Conference function,” said Goodman.  “Combining search and call administration eliminates duplicative record-keeping, and having staff of both Conferences meet together will enhance efforts to facilitate the matching of clergy and churches.”

Goodman can be reached at or at 508-875-5233.

Learn more about the Search and Call process at: 
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