Last Date for 2020 Gifts: Jan. 19

Last Date for 2020 Gifts: Jan. 19


The following is a message from David Cleaver-Bartholomew, Director of Stewardship and Donor Relations:

Please note that the deadline for remitting your church's Proportional Giving (i.e., Conference Dues + OCWM Basic Support) contribution is the close of business on January 19th. Any monies arriving after that time will be recorded for 2021.

That being said, I also strongly urge those of you using the U. S. Postal Service to mail your contributions no later than Jan. 12th. The mail delivery system is a mess right now. Mail that should take only a couple of days is very frequently taking over a week. So, if you want to make sure your contribution is counted for 2020, please mail it as soon as you can.

The 2020 remittance form is available for download here for your convenience. At the bottom of the form there are directions for where to send your check and how to make it out. It also describes in the parentheses under the Proportional Giving (PG) line the items that comprise PG.

Thank you all once again for your church's financial support of the Southern New England Conference. Your generosity is much appreciated. Please know that we do not take it for granted, and especially not during this very challenging year! Because of your financial support we have been able to serve you, our individual churches, and together be the body of Christ living out the love and justice of Jesus in a hurting, broken world.

I thank God for you, my siblings in Christ, and for all you do in the name of our crucified and risen Lord.

May you be well, safe, and blessed!

David Cleaver-Bartholomew
Director of Stewardship and Donor Relations
Southern New England Conference, UCC

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