Journeying to see Jesus – RI missionaries head to Haiti

Journeying to see Jesus – RI missionaries head to Haiti

Children of the Community School of Bellevue,  with Director Maxo Michel, just after they sang to the RICUCC mission group last year. Their school is one of two that the mission group traveling to Haiti  in January will paint. 
Epiphany is the season to celebrate the journey of the magi to see the new born Jesus.  During the upcoming Epiphany season a group from Rhode Island is headed to Haiti to see the face of Jesus in those who are ministering there.  Nine participants will spend January 9-15, 2019 painting the interior and exterior of a school and orphanage. The Crèche Notre Dame De La Nativite is in Fontamara, Port-au-Prince.  The director is Eveline Midy Louis Jacques. She has a range of 60 to 80 children. The school is the Community School of Bellevue and the director is Maxo Michel. 

A total of $1200 needs to be raised to purchase the paint and painting supplies. The paint will be purchased in Haiti but the painting supplies will be purchased here and transported in luggage.  If you would like to make a monetary donation or donate supplies such as rollers, roller covers, paint trays, masking tape, lightweight drop cloths, paint brushes, and rags please contact Jennifer Geary, and/or donate here.

Large suitcases that are languishing in your attic never to be used by you again would also be appreciated for transporting the supplies and will be left behind in Haiti.  Thank you for your support.  If you would like to have a presentation about the RICUCC’s mission in Haiti provided to a group of which you are a part, please contact: Shirley Hardison or Suzanne Swanson of the Haiti Task Force.
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