Introducing Dawn Hammond

Introducing Dawn Hammond

Having worked for more than 30 years for the historic Massachusetts Conference, Dawn Hammond is a familiar face to many. But she is still a relative newcomer to those from the historic Connecticut and Rhode Island conferences, and so introduces herself in this new video.

As the Executive Minister for Policy and Finance, Hammond serves with the Rev. Darrell Goodwin and the Rev. Dr. Audrey Price on the Senior Leadership Team of the new Southern New England Conference.

"I've worked for the Massachusetts Conference of the UCC for most of my adult life. I've been responsible for everything from databases to retreat centers, but always with a primary focus on financial management and governance. It is these roles that I will carry forward in my new position. I'll do my best to make sure that our shared financial foundation is solid and that we have smart policies to serve as guardrails even as we try things we have never done before," she said. "I love to work with spreadsheets and to write and to facilitate group conversations and to think about organizational systems."

"But what has kept me in Conference leadership all these years really comes down to you and to who we are together. Ever since I first heard the words of Jesus' prayer, I have been longing for God's will to be done on earth as it is in heaven," she said.

"The kingdom is God's not ours to bring, of course, but each of you brings this vision alive in large and small ways over and over again in faith formation classes, in sermons, in food pantries, and state house lobby days and marches and sacred music, and so many ministries that I don't even know about but into which you pour your hearts and minds," she said.. "We are a people who earnestly seek to do the will of God. So I am grateful and proud to walk with you, contributing to the information and networking and infrastructure that supports what we do together."

"This is a hard time and yet I am so excited about the moment we are in," she said. "We are at a new conference and we have called leaders and staff who are eager to innovate because new occasions teach new duties. At the same time, we stand on the shoulders of those who have come before us drawing on all the strength of our theology and traditions and visions of the Rhode Island and Connecticut and Massachusetts conferences. As your 30 plus year veteran staff person, I embody that paradox and I welcome it. Jesus walks with us as with our grandparents and the world of our grandchildren will call forth forms of faith we can't yet imagine. Meanwhile there are new partnerships to be formed and our communities need our love and witness an impact right now. It is scary, but it's fun."
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