Hurricane Relief: How to Help

Hurricane Relief: How to Help

Public Domain image from USGSUnited Church of Christ Disaster Ministries responds to natural and human caused disasters all over world and is well positioned to respond in most events. Through volunteers, congregations, Conferences and partnerships, UCC Disaster Ministries seeks to serve the most vulnerable populations that require spiritual, physical, financial and psychological support.

In times of domestic disaster, UCC Disaster Ministries office provides a platform and facilitation for much of this work while collaborating with and through UCC Conferences and a network of Conference Disaster Coordinator. The coordinator for the Connecticut Conference is Theodore (Ted) Mosebach .

Internationally, UCC Disaster Ministries maintains direct relationships and partnerships with organizations and faith communities able to appropriately and effectively respond to emergency and long-term needs.

To find out more about how the UCC is responding to Hurricane Florence and Typhoon Mangkhut, and to the anniversary of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, visit:

Contributions can be made at :

12 Ways You Can Help Disaster Survivors Recover Through UCC Disaster Ministries

  1. Organize a U.S. disaster recovery work team. Just a week of your time will help disaster survivors rebuild their homes and lives.
  2. Raise $1,500 to repair or replace a roof for a family in Puerto Rico.
  3. Underwrite restoration of a hurricane-damaged home in Port Arthur, Texas for $7,000, including major appliances, or in Volusia County, Fla., for $8,000.
  4. Prepare your household and your congregation for an emergency. You’ll gain peace of mind and be able to help others. Here’s UCC Disaster Ministries’ Preparedness Guide:
  5. Assemble Church World Service Kits – School, Hygiene and Baby Care Kits and – especially - Emergency Cleanup Buckets – time-tested packets of supplies that can be crucial to the recovery process following an international or domestic disaster. Do more with a UCC Disaster Ministries $250 Matching Grant!
  6. Contribute to the UCC’s Emergency USA Fund, which supports our denomination’s holistic approach to recovery in low-attention disasters in vulnerable communities throughout all 50 U.S. states and territories.
  7. Contribute to the UCC’s International Emergency Relief Fund, which supports our denomination’s emergency response, relief, long-term rehabilitation, advocacy and sustainability efforts around the world.
  8. Follow UCC Disaster Ministries on the web - - and on social media. We’re “One Great Hour of Sharing (UCC)” on Facebook and “oghs_at_ucc” on Twitter.
  9. Invite your UCC Disaster Ministries Conference Coordinator to speak at your Sunday worship service, adult Sunday church school or other occasion.
  10. Learn how climate change causes and exacerbates disasters, and work for environmental justice.
  11. Contribute generously to the One Great Hour of Sharing offering, typically taken during Lent.
  12. Read UCC Disaster Ministries Executive Zach Wolgemuth’s column on the intersection of justice and disaster ministries at then contact Zach at for information about serving as a long-term disaster recovery volunteer and for more information about disaster ministries.
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