Go Tell it On The Mountain: Love Comes First at First Congregational Church of Stratford

Go Tell it On The Mountain: Love Comes First at First Congregational Church of Stratford

Continuing his Go Tell it On The Mountain interview series, Executive Conference Minister, the Rev. Darrell Goodwin interviewed two pastors from First Congregational Church of Stratford, CT: the Rev. Ed Rawls, senior pastor of the church, and the Rev. Meg Williams, associate pastor.

Rawls and Williams were excited to share a new logo that that the church has created, a colorful slogan that reads "Love Comes First Church" written in colors that represents the two high schools in town. The slogan was created during a meeting in which the church was exploring the question of why, "Why are we here? What is the core value?" Rev. Rawls explains. A teacher in town and member of the church wrote the phrase down during the meeting and the idea stuck.
FCC Stratford's New Logo
The church now uses the slogan in the welcome during services, and they have printed it on magnets and card that they distribute all over town. 

"We're really trying to be known as the church where love comes first," said Rev. Williams.

Rev. Goodwin said that this slogan is a powerful message to folks trying to "rediscover" church or a faith community. "As a person who's not immediately a part of your community, I would see that and get an immediate message," he said.

Rawls and Williams also shared the church's partnership with the local community center, especially their food collection efforts. During the pandemic, the food collection grew exponentially. The church transitioned to a "drive-by" collection where volunteers met donors in the driveway and took the collections out of the trunk.

Rev. Goodwin will join the Stratford church for worship on June 13 at 10 a.m. Those interested in seeing this worship can visit the church website at http://www.firstchurchstratford.org/ where they will find links to the Facebook live stream and the YouTube channel where recordings of worships are posted.

Watch the full interview below:



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