Go Tell It On The Mountain: Spring Glen UCC, Hamden, CT

Go Tell It On The Mountain: Spring Glen UCC, Hamden, CT

Rev. Darrell Goodwin and Rev. Jack Perkins Davidson
In another episode of Go Tell it On The Mountain, Executive Conference Minister, the Rev. Darrell Goodwin interviewed Rev. Jack Perkins Davidson, senior pastor of Spring Glen Church UCC in Hamden, CT. 

Rev. Perkins said one of the qualities of the church that first attracted him there was the strong lay leadership - leaders who were willing not only to try new ministries, but also to let them go when they were no longer effectively serving their purpose.

One of the things going on at the church now that is exciting, he said, is Oasis a multi-church youth ministry program. 

"That's been a really fascinating experiment and ministry, both for the ways it's been a huge success and the ways it's been a huge struggle," he said. "It feels like every year we're rebuilding the program from scratch ... we started the program, then we hit COVID and we had to create an online version of the program. And now this year, we're rebuilding it back from scratch again. But I would fully love to talk to anybody who is interested in multi-church, youth ministry as a concept, to help sort of proselytize this, because - church these days, we can't do it alone anymore. We have to do it together."

Rev. Davidson also talked about his church's involvement in Conect: Congregations Organized for a New Connecticut.

"It's one of the few organizations I've seen that is authentically interfaith," he said. "It privileges the voices of those who are struggling. All of their sort of advocacy work is rooted in one-on-one conversations about real life experiences that make us passionate about an issue."

And, he said, he's excited to see what church will look like as we move out of the pandemic.

"What's next for church and what old wineskins can we throw out to make space for new wine?" he asked. "We are actually part of this  program at Yale Divinity School called re-imagining church, which is a pilot program and a total experiment and a total delight where we work with a student facilitator to have those conversations about what does vital ministry look like now? What does meaningful ministry look like in this day and age?"

Rev. Goodwin worshipped with Spring Glen this past Sunday. Spring Glen has been holding worship in-person outdoors, and also live streams to YouTube and Facebook

Watch the interview here: 

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