Four Staffers to Continue as Faith Formation Team

Four Staffers to Continue as Faith Formation Team

The four staff members dedicated to supporting faith formation in the historic Conferences - Debby Kirk, Karen Ziel, Kristin Putney and Debbie Gline Allen - will all continue on the staff of the new Conference.

Previously, Debby Kirk and Karen Ziel worked full-time in Connecticut; Kristin Putney worked part-time in Rhode Island and Debbie Gline Allen worked part-time in Massachusetts. The four have been working together as a team all year.

The Faith Formation Team will be one of four program teams in the newly structured staff: the others are the Innovation Team, Communication Team, and the Racial and Relational Justice Team. 

"The faith formation team oversees a wide variety of ministries within our new Conference," said Bridge Conference Minister the Rev. Don Remick. "It includes faith formation for all ages resourcing churches, families and individuals.  It includes resourcing our ministries with, for and by youth and young adults.  It includes the ministries surrounding worship and spiritual practices for individuals and communities of faith.  And it includes oversight of leadership development, including our clergy communities of practice."

"While the faith formation team will work on these as a whole group, individuals within the team will take point to oversee particular aspects," he said. "Debby Kirk will serve full time as the Team Leader,  also taking point in ministries involving youth and young adults. Karen Ziel will serve full time with a focus on spiritual practices, worship resourcing, leadership development and communities of practice.  Karen’s work with leadership development will include her on the Innovation Team as well, bringing a marvelous interdependence among these two ministry teams of our Conference.  Debbie Gline Allen and Kristin Putney will continue their part time focus on faith formation for all ages, particularly for families and children. The team as a whole will continue to work in deep collaboration sharing responsibilities and strategies which help our churches make disciples of Jesus Christ."

The Bridge Conference Ministers - and in some cases search committees - have been working for the last several months to re-structure the staff, a process that was delayed by the pandemic. Other staff announcements can be found here.

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