Four Staff Positions Filled in New Structure

Four Staff Positions Filled in New Structure

Bridge Conference Ministers Marilyn Kendrix and Don Remick have announced that four current staff members have been tapped to continue serving in the new Conference staff structure.

The announcement is the first of its kind in a transitional process that will continue over the next several months, as both internal and external searches are conducted to fill various positions.

Remick explains that there are three fundamental principles guiding the process: the Conference's Vision for its future and an uncharted landscape for religion ahead; a desire for more diversity; and the value of the "exceptional skills and experience" of the current staff.

"While this transitional process will continue for the next several months, some of the changes have already begun," Remick said. "We want to announce some of our first SNEUCC staff updates.  Each of these positions were advertised. Candidates were interviewed. And a gifted finalist was offered the position."

Ryan Gackenheimer has been called to be the Executive for Camps and Retreats at the Silver Lake Conference Center.  This position oversees the summer camping program, the year round retreat offerings and the entire staff of SLCC.  Ryan writes in his cover letter: “Outdoor ministry at its core is about sharing God’s love. One of the profound gifts of Silver Lake is its grounding in justice as we live into God’s Love. At Silver Lake our commitment is demonstrated by our extravagant welcome, justice training for staff and volunteers, stewardship of creation, education opportunities, living the Silver Lake Loves (Love God, Your Neighbor, Yourself, and Creation) and so much more.
Kate Ostertag has been called to be the Executive for Camps & Retreats – Edwards House & Irons Homestead.  She will oversee the retreat and hospitality programs and events at both Edwards house in Framingham and Irons Homestead in Rhode Island.  Kate writes: “Though not under circumstances that I could have imagined, the past months have taught me a great deal about this community and the integrity and purpose of those that shepherd it. I regard this time of shared difficulties as having been an opportunity for growth that will greatly impact my long-term contribution to SNEUCC. As confidence in gathering again builds, Edwards House and Irons Homestead must be prepared to meet and exceed expectations in a new era of hospitality.” 
Dawn Hammond has been called to be the Executive for Missional Stewardship.  This is one of the 3 Executive positions in our Conference.  And while it is sometimes compared to an organization’s CFO this position is larger in its impact on the development of staff and conference culture and the alignment of all we do to the Vision and values to which we aspire.  Dawn writes:  “I do not minimize the daunting work ahead.  Should you invite me to take this job, I will need to lean heavily on the Spirit for guidance, energy, and perseverance – not to mention peace, patience, generosity, and all the other gifts Paul enumerates!  But I trust God, and I trust the leadership of this Conference.”  
Tiffany Vail has been called to be the Communication Team Leader.   This position oversees our Conferences internal and external communications and its presence on digital media. Tiffany writes: “I believe I can help us adapt to using emerging tools and technologies to support our mission: to use our website as a resource hub for our churches as they work to make disciples of Christ; to more fully use social media channels to spread the love and justice of Jesus; to enable webinars and networking to equip our leaders for innovation and adaptation; and to work with all the latest tools to connect with those partners who share our values.”
The new staffing structure officially begins on Jan. 1, 2021.

Positions currently open for applications can be found in the Classifieds section.

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