Faith Leaders Asked to Support Students

Faith Leaders Asked to Support Students

The Rhode Island State Council of Churches is calling on faith leaders to support students who plan a rally at the State House on Wednesday,  March 14, at 2:30 PM - one month after the shootings in Parkland, Florida.

These students are calling for an end to gun violence.  They have planned a rally at 2:30 PM on the steps of the State House, followed by a 3:30 PM press conference inside the State House addressing legislation that will keep people with concealed guns from school campuses and events.  
Students will then go into the House and Senate chambers to find their own legislators to let them know how they feel.  The Council of Churches is asking faith leaders to:
  1. Come to the event as a witness to this good work and to the fact that people of faith really do care about what is happening in our society.  Demonstrate to our youth that faith is not out of step with their world.
  2. Inform the youth in your community this weekend about the rally.  Many may already know, but some will not.  
  3. Encourage them to attend.
  4. Provide transportation, especially for those communities outside of Providence.  
  5. Spread the word – please share this email with as many other faith leaders as possible.  Better to get 10 emails than none. 
More information is available on the event Facebook page.
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