ECM Announces Conference Offices to Remain Shut Through Labor Day

ECM Announces Conference Offices to Remain Shut Through Labor Day

The Rev. Darrell Goodwin, Executive Conference Minister, has announced that the Conference offices in Framingham, MA and Hartford, CT, will remain closed at least through Labor Day.

"I'm continuing to want to think about the safety of our staff as they're continuing to fellowship and be connected with our churches," he said. "I want to give our staff enough time to seek vaccination. I want to give them enough time to make deliberate health choices and considerations. And I want to make sure that we are cleaning our conference office locations to make sure that we are in accordance with all of the recommendations that the CDC has afforded us. It's also an opportunity to still pay attention to some science, and to understand that as people are getting vaccinated, the world is 'reopening' in its own way, but that we still are struggling with vaccine access for all of God's people."

Rev. Goodwin said he, as are many churches, is also struggling with what it means to be welcoming, to be open to all, in this new time. 

"We have to consider, are we going to be saying, well, if you're vaccinated, you can come, but if you're not vaccinated, you can't?  And then what happens to that understanding of welcoming the stranger, the folks we don't know about their medical history, we haven't encountered them and yet they want to encounter our church," he said. "Well, the same thing for the Conference office: we want to be thoughtful about who's coming in and out of the conference office."

Rev. Goodwin said he and other members of the staff will continue to preach and connect with churches virtually.

He recommended that churches read this post from Minister for Health and Wellness, Debbie Ringen about re-opening.

Watch his message here:

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