SNEUCC Annual Meeting to Use Electronic Voting

SNEUCC Annual Meeting to Use Electronic Voting

A sample of what one vote will look like on the voting website for Annual Meeting.
The 4th Annual Meeting of the Southern New England Conference - being held June 17 - will introduce a new form of balloting: electronic voting via a website that will allow both in-person and online delegates to vote using the same system.

In-person delegates are being asked to bring personal devices with them: cellphones, tablets or laptops that can either use cellular data or the DCU Center's wifi to connect online. Online delegates are asked to either have a second device available, or to be able to open another browser window in which they can vote. Whenever a vote is required, delegates will be instructed to visit a website and use individual credentials to vote on the question. Results will automatically be tabulated and displayed to voters.

Voting credentials will be emailed to registered delegates ahead of time, along with an opportunity to log in to the voting website and participate in a practice vote. Delegates can also attend an online delegate orientation session on June 8 for a demonstration.

"In an effort to model for our local churches what it can look like to create a truly equitable hybrid experience, the Southern New England Conference is excited to incorporate the use of an electronic voting platform for delegates online and in-person," said the moderator, the Rev. Timoth Sylvia.

Tiffany Vail, Director of Media & Communications, added: "This system allows all delegates to vote in the same manner, and to have their votes counted simultaneously. Tabulation will be automatic. And, by using credentials for each delegate, we avoid the problems that can come from having multiple online delegates participating through the same Zoom session. They will each be able to enter their votes separately."

"We will be using a website called Simply Voting, which our counterparts in the Episcopal Diocese of Western Massachusetts have been using at their annual conferences for several years," Vail said. "We appreciate their guidance in helping us to navigate this new system."

There are five votes scheduled for the meeting:
  • Vote on proposed Behavioral Covenant and Rules of Procedure
  • Elections to Boards and Committees
  • Vote to Transfer Missionary Society of Connecticut endowments to the Southern New England Conference (only Connecticut members will be given access to vote on this question)
  • Vote to Approve Acceptance of Endowments
  • Vote on a Proposed Bylaw Change regarding Board committees
More information about these votes can be found in the Advance Materials for Delegates.

Backup systems will be in place for delegates who for whatever reason are not able to vote through the website.


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