Minister for Environment and Economic Justice Talks Over Role; Green Congregation Challenge

Minister for Environment and Economic Justice Talks Over Role; Green Congregation Challenge

In a video on Facebook last week, Executive Conference Minister the Rev. Darrell Goodwin spoke with the Southern New England Conference’s Minister for Environment and Economic Justice, the Rev. Emma Brewer-Wallin.
Rev. Goodwin began the video by stating why it is important to have someone in the role of Minister of Environment and Economic Justice.
“It was important to us in the Southern New England Conference to understand that the environment and economic justice actually have intersectionality and don't have to exist as two disparate things,” said Rev. Goodwin.
He continues by mentioning that it is equally important to understand that economic disparities often have an effect on how the environment impacts certain groups of people.
Rev. Brewer-Wallin explained that she has two main objectives in her role as Minister of Environment and Economic Justice. The first relates to the broad image of the Southern New England Conference.
“It's really been a gift to me as I have begun this work to have those two things together right there in my title as a means of introducing myself and the Southern New England Conference to various congregations and justice-oriented groups throughout our three states,” she said. “I get to be a faith witness helping to represent the conference in public.”
The other role is to work with local congregations. Rev. Brewer-Wallin shared that she enjoys meeting pastors and lay persons to learn more about their ministries and join them for worship.
Rev. Goodwin acknowledged that the historic conferences had a legacy of having justice teams and asked what was happening with the Climate Justice Team. Rev. Brewer-Wallin began my sharing how the Green Congregation Challenge, a program that helps churches begin conversations about how they can care for God’s creation, has been updated. The new challenge brings into bearing the intersectionality that was discussed previously.
“Caring for the environment isn't just about recycling or changing your light bulbs, although those things are good. It's also about being well connected with the people who live in our immediate and surrounding communities and understanding what issues they are facing and thinking about how the environment is related to transportation or food or education.”
She also spoke about bringing youth into the conversation and looking at how worship can incorporate the idea of caring for God’s creation so that this message is integrated into the life of the church.
More information about Environmental and Economic Justice can be found on the SNEUCC website, including information about the Green Congregation Challenge. Rev. Emma Brewer-Wallin’s contact information can be found here.

Watch the video here:



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