#UCCSynod: Conference Recognized for Wellness Ministry

#UCCSynod: Conference Recognized for Wellness Ministry

The Southern New England Conference - in particular Minister of Health and Wellness Debbie Ringen and her team of volunteers - was recognized at General Synod for providing powerful support and abundant resources during the pandemic.

The Conference received the first "Certificate of Recognition and Appreciation" to be awarded by the UCC Wellness Ministries at a July 14 special online presentation.

The team was recognized for: establishing a team of representatives of the Conference's three states, to ensure that diverse needs were identified, They were also lauded for sharing health care information and offering support through the Conference's newsletters, webinars and workshops, Zoom chats and blog posts, The team also collaborated with the Conference's Disaster Resource and Response team to develop research-based guidelines for phasing forward to in-person worship, connected others with resources of the UCC Mental Health Network and distributed the UCC Wellness Ministries Newsletter.


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