Conference Ministers Ask Churches to Suspend Public Worship Through May

Conference Ministers Ask Churches to Suspend Public Worship Through May

In the following letter, the Bridge Conference Ministers are urging churches to continue to suspend in-person worship through at least May 31st.

We continue to follow the trends, along with the advice of our Health Care professionals. Statistics show that while the curve is flattening the rate of infection is still high. Hospitals, health care workers and medical equipment continue to be stretched to (and in many cases beyond) their capacity. School buildings are being closed through the end of the school year in some of our communities and states. Plans to re-open our businesses, industry and public venues are being debated as to where, when and under what circumstances this can happen.

At the same time we are being advised in many places to extend our Stay Home / Stay Safe time. We are learning that the virus is spread through breathing as well as coughing and that the six foot distancing is not sufficient.  And there is more that we still don’t know.

While churches remain listed as essential businesses they are also places where social gathering runs the greatest risk for spread of contagion.  Many within our congregations are among the most vulnerable to Covid 19. Based on all this and the latest guidance from our government and health care leaders, and all that we can perceive in this moment, your Bridge Conference Ministers ask that you continue to suspend in person worship through at least May 31st.
We also want to convey how deeply impressed we are with the many ways that our clergy and church leaders are adapting to this pandemic.  Some are simple. Some are elaborate.  All are deeply faithful to God.  We continue to share the best resources we can find through our website and online events. We also notice the growing grassroots sharing of ideas, questions, insights and creativity that is exploding in social media and in online gatherings. You are doing all of this within very challenging situations in your lives, your churches and your communities.  We are not only grateful for your creative energy, but also for your generous willingness to share this so openly.  Well done good and faithful ones. We will get through this together.  We continue to hold you in our prayers each day. Be well. 

Your Bridge Conference Ministers
Rev. Marilyn Kendrix
Rev. Don Remick
Rev. Kent Siladi
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