Churches Can No Longer Afford NOT to go Solar!

Churches Can No Longer Afford NOT to go Solar!

A notice from the United Church of Christ: Most congregations that own their own building can no longer afford to not go solar for five reasons:

1. The federal government will pay for at least 30% of the cost of a solar installation, if not 40 to 50%, depending upon where a church is located and whether domestically produced materials are used. (Technically, one could have 80% of a solar installation covered, if one additionally received funds through competitive processes.)

2. Solar can often replace all of a congregation’s electricity usage. Say goodbye to electrical bills!  

3. Even if a congregation does not have the funds to pay for the upfront costs of going solar, the Cornerstone Fund can provide financing that will enable a congregation to reduce its overall costs. (The Creation Care Loan currently has a reduced interest rate of 4.5%).

4. Even if a congregation does not want to purchase or finance a solar system, it can still go solar by partnering with an investor who pays for the system and gives the congregation (and possibly low income neighbors as well) a discount on electricity–typically around 10-20% off one’s monthly bill.5. Finally, even if a congregation has absolutely no interest in saving money on electricity, so that more money can be spent on ministry, going solar is one important way to reduce pollution and live out our first calling as Christians: to care for God’s creation.

Do you have a historic church with a roof that simply will not allow for solar panels? Consider alternatives: solar parking lot canopies, ground mounted solar panels, or subscribing to a community solar garden. Direct payments from the government are also available for charging stationscombined heat and power systems, and geothermal heat pumps.

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