Advocate Urges Phone Calls on Healthcare

Advocate Urges Phone Calls on Healthcare


Connecticut Conference Legislative Advocate Michele Mudrick sent out the following message to clergy and lay leaders on May 14:

Dear Friend,

Do you believe everyone should have access to affordable, quality healthcare? Do you believe healthcare is a human right? If yes, please read on:

Connecticut has the chance to pass ground-breaking legislation to allow the state to offer new health insurance choices, also known as a public option, for small businesses, nonprofits and individuals.

Seven faith leaders, myself included, visited Gov. Lamont's office yesterday to advocate for the public option (see news coverage). Now we are asking you to add to the impact of that visit by following up with a phone call. 

We are asking you to please call Governor Lamont at your earliest convenience  at 800-406-1527 (during business hours) and deliver the message below!  You will not reach the Governor himself but you will probably get a chance to talk to someone in his office. More details are available here.

This is (your name) calling from (your town).

I am calling to ask Governor Lamont to support the creation of a new health insurance option, offered by the state of Connecticut, for small employers and people who buy their own health insurance. 

This is important to me because:  (give your reason).

The “public option” is vital for the health of the state’s small businesses and the more than 700,000 people they employ.  

We need the Governor’s support to make sure the “public option” becomes law and to support House Bill 7267 and Senate Bill 134.” Thank you.

After you make your call, please text me at 860-796-3822 or so I can track our progress!

Thank you for your advocacy!



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