A Win for Your Congregation and God's Creation!

A Win for Your Congregation and God's Creation!

To pastors and other church leaders: 
Rev. Dr. Jim Antal, Special Advisor on Climate Justice to UCC General Minister and President (and retired Massachusetts Conference Minister) is inviting churches to sign up for this package offer: ten books; one sermon; and one adult education zoom event for your congregation. Here are the details:

  • Jim Antal will provide you with a sermon (15 minutes MP4 recording) focusing on climate justice which you can use for your zoom worship. You can choose the sermon for either January 24, 2021, February 21 (Lent I) or April 18 (the Sunday before Earth Day).
  • Jim will mail you 10 copies of his book - Climate Church, Climate World – which you can then distribute /sell (cover price $25) to initiate a group study in your congregation (Hundreds of congregations have read/studied the book. Read a recent review by the American Academy of Religion)
  • Jim will “meet” live (via zoom) with your congregation for an hour discussion/Q&A on the climate crisis, climate justice and the book. You will serve as convener and host for the zoom to be held at a mutually convenient time.
  • The cost for all of this is $350 (most of which can be recovered by selling the 10 books to your members at the cover price of $25).
  •  If you want more than 10 books, Jim will mail them to you in bunches of five books for $100. (20% discount off cover price)
  • To sign up, contact Jim directly via email: revjma@gmail.com

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