Churches urged to submit statistical data

Churches urged to submit statistical data


Local churches are being urged to submit their membership and statistical information to the national and Conference settings in order to help the denomination identify and understand trends in membership, attendance and other factors that impact programs and policies.

In the Massachusetts Conference, the reports are also used in determining the amount of Fellowship Dues each church is asked to contribute.

Explains Dawn Hammond, Associate Conference Minister for Policy and Finance: "It really helps to have updated membership numbers, in order for Dues billing and budgeting to be as accurate as possible. Also, Dues rates voted by Annual Meeting are based on changes in reported local church expenses."

And Conference Minister and President Jim Antal said accurate membership numbers help him in communicating on justice issues.

"When the media asks us, we want to be able to share how many churches and how many members are UCC. While I never speak for any of our 374 churches in Massachusetts, when I do speak out on one or another issue, the media (and others) want to know the size of the constituency I serve," he said.

Churches this year are being asked to complete two forms:

Ministerial Support Form for 2013 (Form F)

The Ministerial Support Form can be completed in one of three ways:

  1. Submit the data directly into the UCC Data Hub;

  2. Download  the  form, fill it out on the computer, and send a saved copy to Registrar Jane Logee at;

  3. Download the form, print a blank copy, complete it by hand and send it to Jane Logee at MACUCC, 1 Badger Rd, Framingham, MA 01702-5517. 

Please complete the information requested for your congregation's pastor and for associate pastors or other authorized clergy who are members of your congregation's ministerial staff.  This information is not published in the UCC Yearbook, but is used strictly for comparative statistical reports.

UCC Local Church Yearbook Report (Form G)

The Local Church Report can be completed in one of three ways:

  1. Submit the data directly into the UCC Data Hub; By doing this, you will be able to see the previous year's data and update it accordingly.

  2. Request a personalized copy of your church's Form G from Registrar Jane Logee at You can then either use that form to gather information for entry into the Data Hub, or you can complete it and mail it back to Jane Logee at MACUCC, 1 Badger Rd, Framingham, MA 01702-5517. Corrections should be made in red ink.

  3. Download a blank copy of Form G, complete and mail to: Jane Logee at MACUCC, 1 Badger Rd, Framingham, MA 01702-5517. 

On this form, you will be asked to include figures for local church expenses as well as membership and attendance numbers. Membership and attendance numbers are published in the UCC Yearbook and the Massachusetts Conference website. If you do not include these numbers in your report, the most recent reported figures from your church will be published in the UCC Yearbook, and the Conference website will list the figures as not reported.

Federated and Dual aligned churches are asked to use entire membership numbers on form G and use the Dual Aligned form to indicate how many of those are UCC members. Return this form by email or mail to Jane Logee at the addresses indicated above.


Churches using the Data Hub should submit information by March 16, 2014. Please notify Jane Logee at if you intend to submit your information this way. If you are mailing your forms to Jane, please do so by Friday, Feb. 7, 2014. Information not submitted by the deadlines may not be included in the 2014 Yearbook. Churches are asked to fill out membership figures as of 12/31/2013 and financial figures for calendar year 2013. 

Instructions and Assistance

Complete instructions for using the UCC Data Hub, and step-by-step instructions for completeing Form F and Form G can be found at:

If you need printed copies of any of these materials, or otherwise need assistance, please contact Jane Logee at (508) 875-5233 ext 221 or at


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