Reflections on the tragedy in Boston

Reflections on the tragedy in Boston


A number of Massachusetts Conference staff and local pastors have been writing reflections on the tragedy in Boston on Patriot's Day. Some of those are listed here: 

On the Massachusetts Conference Website:

Andy GustafsonThe substance of our faith
Andy Gustafson, Associate Conference Minister
I know grief, I know anger, I know the thirst for vengeance, I know darkness. But thanks to God, I also know the light shines in the darkness and that the darkness cannot overcome it. April 19

Jim AntalProviding light for this journey through darkness
Jim Antal, Conference Minister & President

Yesterday was a good beginning at Tikkun Olam – a Hebrew phrase that means "repairing the world" (or "healing the world"). The world is in need of deep repair – deep healing. April 19
Don RemickI Love to Tell the Story - 25 Times
Don Remick, Associate Conference Minister
Over the years I have worked in disaster long term recovery and with critical incident stress response teams. In the training I have learned a rule of thumb. It takes 25 times of telling the story to begin the healing. April 18
Jim AntalOur hearts remain broken
Jim Antal, Conference Minister & President

Tragedy brings out caring and courage. But this remains a tragedy. And our hearts remain broken, while Jesus stands embracing the fallen, the wounded, the broken and the shocked. April 17
Elsa MarshallResponding to the trauma with love
Elsa Marshall, Resource Center Director
Through us God will be with everyone who suffers, through even the deepest grief and loss such as that caused by this horrific attack during the Boston Marathon. Love is shared when we respond, pray, help, care. April 17
Wendy Vander Hart Used for Good
Wendy Vander Hart, Associate Conference Minister 
What is our work now? Our work is to bring as much good to this tragedy and thereby as much evidence of God in the midst of suffering, violence and pain, as possible. April 16
Don Remick Ministries Beyond the Walls
Don Remick, Associate Conference Minister
They are known as chaplains, spiritual companions, pastoral counselors, among other names. They are pastors beyond the walls.
April 16
Mary Luti Someone Like Us
J. Mary Luti, Retired Andover Newton Theological School Professor
This time it’s Boston, but it has been elsewhere more times than we can count.  It happened Monday at the Marathon in the midst of joy on a  gorgeous day with people at their best, but it’s happened at other celebrations on other days.  April 16
Jim Antal Prayers for Bomb Victims and Boston
Jim Antal, Conference Minister & President
Jesus weeps… our hearts break… overwhelmed and in shock we grieve.  Those who lost their lives, and those who are wounded, and their families and loved ones – we lift all of them in prayer. April 15

 Published on other sites:

John Hudson

After the Marathon: We are OK. We are not OK. We will be OK
John Hudson, Pastor of Pilgrim United Church of Christ in Sherborn

Kazimierz Bem

Reflections on the Boston Marathon Bombings
Kazimierz Bem, Pastor of First Church in Marlborough, Congregational

If you know of others, please send links to Tiffany Vail.


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