Important renewal update from UCC Insurance Board

Important renewal update from UCC Insurance Board


UPDATE - Sept. 18, 2012: The Insurance Board has issued 2012 Renewal FAQ’s.

Sept. 12, 2012
Churches who are currently covered by UCC Insurance will soon be billed for the coming year, and Conference Minister and President Jim Antal is warning that there are a few issues for which churches need to prepare.

The bill will include an average rate increase of 17.5 percent.  This increase is due in large part to losses caused by extreme weather, including Hurricane Irene and the tornados in western Massachusetts and Joplin, Missouri, as well as several large fires.

Antal assures churches that the staff and board members of the United Church Insurance Board (UCIB) have worked diligently to hold these increases to this level, and that other church insurance programs are showing similar increases.

The UCIB is also warning churches that they may be contacted by a group called UCIG (United Christian Insurance Group).  This group is not affiliated with the United Church of Christ and should not be confused with the United Church Insurance Board (UCIB), which is the denomination's recommended insurance provider and which provides the coverage for the majority of UCC churches.

Church leaders should watch for an update from Cathy Green, President and CEO of the UCC Insurance Board, and should also watch future issues of the Massachusetts Conference Emailing for further updates.

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